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Continuous Medical Education for Internal Medicine Doctors

Hb1Ac Test: Interpret Well to Demystify

Hb1Ac Test: Interpret Well to Demystify

CME INDIA Presentation by Dr. N. K. Singh, MD, FICP, Director - Diabetes and Heart Research Centre, Dhanbad; Editor - CME INDIA. Hb1Ac Laboratories use many different methods for measuring A1C. As clinicians, we must be aware that some of these methods can give...

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CME INDIA Highlights Launched

CME INDIA Highlights Launched

CME INDIA Presentation by Mr. Rishav Manaswi, Founder (Dynamic Cognition), MBA (France). Yesterday the first batch of CME INDIA Highlights was dispatched to our newsletter subscribers. Some quick facts about the newsletter: The goal of CME INDIA Highlights is to shine...

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CME INDIA Case Study

History Today in Medicine

Presented by Dr. M. Gowri Sankar, MD, Senior Assistant Professor, Dept. of General Medicine, Government Medical College and ESI Hospital, Coimbatore. Read Here.

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