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Today’s History Feature:

Dr. Paul Louis Duroziez

(Jan 8, 1826 – Jan 16, 1897)

💠 French physician

His contributions…

🔸Duroziez studied medicine at the University of Paris and graduated in 1853.
🔸After his studies, he joined at Charity Hospital, Paris. He was a colleague to one of the world’s pioneers of neurology – Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot.
🔸During the French-German war, Duroziez served as an ambulance physician for the French army.
🔸In fact, Dr. Duroziez is well known for his clinical descriptions of valvular heart disease.
🔸His Eponyms…
🔅 Duroziez sign (murmur)
▪️He was the first to describe this peripheral sign of aortic insufficiency in 1861.
▪️This is a double intermittent murmur, diastolic-systolic murmur heard when applying firm pressure with the stethoscope on the femoral arteries. The diastolic murmur becomes louder when more pressure is applied on the distal rim of the stethoscope.
🔅 Duroziez disease or Congenital Mitral Stenosis (MS).
🔸Moreover, he was the first to publish congenital mitral stenosis in 1877. In his article of valvular heart disease, he has highlighted the following points..
🔅Clinical features of mitral stenosis
🔅Auscultatory signs of MS as loud S1, opening snap, presystolic murmur and the rumble diastolic murmur
🔅Reported the case study of peripheral embolization and the neurological complications like hemiplegia and aphasia in MS.
🔅By post mortem examination of MS patients, he described that mitral valve appears as funnel shaped structure due to subvalvular fusion.
🔸In autopsy, he clearly described the mitral valve lesions in rheumatic heart disease, whereas in congenital MS, it is presented with smooth leaflet without inflammatory lesions.
🔸In order to appreciate his meritorious service in the field of medicine, the French Government came forward and offered him “Chevalier of the Legion of honour.” Further, he was elected as the President of “The Society of Medicine, Paris.”
🔸During his service, Dr. Duroziez used to quote often – “The Physician Sees Patients and Not Diseases.”

A Day to Commemorate…

A Dedicated Physician

Dr. Paul Louis Duroziez🙏🏼

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