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Today’s History Feature:

Dr. Theobald Smith

(Jul 31, 1859 – Dec 10, 1934)

💠American Bacteriologist

His contributions…

🔸Theobald Smith studied medicine and got his MD graduation from Albany Medical College, New York in 1881.

🔸After his studies, Dr. Smith got appointed as an Inspector of Bureau for Animal Industry to investigate various diseases of animals in Washington.

 🔸While Dr. Smith was working under his chief Dr. Daniel E. Salmon, he discovered the bacterial species named (by custom) as Salmonella enterica and eventually formed the Genus Salmonella.

🔸Dr. Smith is also well-known for his ground-breaking work on Texas Cattle Disease, which was a devastating disease that caused huge casualties in cattles.

 🔸Moreover, he was the first to demonstrate small Intra-erythrocytic bodies in infected cattles and named the protozoan agent as Piroplasma bigeminum (now called as Babesia bigemina). Also, he discovered Blood-Sucking Ticks as the vector for the disease.

🔸For the first time in history, he had correlated the arthropod with the transmission of infectious disease.

🔸Ultimately, his discovery paved the new way to understand other Arthropod-Borne Diseases such as malaria, typhus, yellow fever and many others. It also made it possible to control the disease by killing the ticks.

🔸Subsequently, he introduced the water sanitation by using “Smith Fermentation Tube method” wherein he researched the coliform count indicating the degree of faecal contamination in drinking water. Thereby he was recognized as a “Father of Total Coliform Count.”

🔸He further undertook many practical and theoretical studies on the production of tetanus and diptheria anti-toxins.

🔸Consequently, he was the first to demonstrate the hypersensitivity reactions of antitoxin in animals – called as “Theobald Smith Phenomenon” – now called as Anaphylaxis.

🔸Eventually, Dr. Smith’s pioneering work in epidemiology and bacteriology earned him title – America’s First Internationally Significant Medical Research Scientist.

A Day to Commemorate

A Tenacious Researcher

Dr. Theobald Smith 🙏

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