CME INDIA Presentation by Mr. Rishav Manaswi, Founder (Dynamic Cognition), MBA (France).

Yesterday the first batch of CME INDIA Highlights was dispatched to our newsletter subscribers.

Some quick facts about the newsletter:

  • The goal of CME INDIA Highlights is to shine the spotlight on our must-read articles.
  • There may be a noteworthy article or a case study or a video from our YouTube page or a pdf from our downloads page that you may have missed – this newsletter will keep track of all that content for you.
  • It also serves as a recap to highlight the work that has been done over the course of 2 weeks.
  • A bi-monthly schedule will ensure that we have enough good stuff to share with you and our newsletter won’t be just another filler in your inbox.
  • However, when we do have a new set of guidelines or a significant update, we will reach out to you outside our bi-monthly schedule to bring it to your attention.
  • Most importantly, we don’t like spam and mindless promotions – so we won’t be doing any of those things.
  • Simple – Clean – and to the point. That is what CME INDIA Highlights will be.

CME INDIA Highlights Launched
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We hope that CME INDIA Highlights will add more miles to your learning journey.

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Discover CME INDIA

Discover CME INDIA