CME INDIA Presentation – (Personal communication to Dr N.K. Singh)

We value observation data and experiences at this desperate time

I am sharing experiences of a frontline specialist from a reputed COVID dedicated ICU…

This can help …

⭕Been working in the COVID ICU.

⭕Just thought to share my experience. 

⭕Irrespective of giving the TOCI and Remdesivir I feel there was no difference to the outcomes in terms of clinical picture.

⭕SGOT and SGPT have always been raised at baseline and in many patients keep rising.

⭕The best treatment has been steroids especially methylprednisolone drip. Patients who were clinically not doing good respond dramatically.  👍👍 

⭕Anti coagulation works 👍👍

⭕Have found no effect of Doxycycline, Ivermecitin, Azithromycin etc. Possibly in mild cases they may be good.

⭕Co morbidities especially diabetes. Majority of the patients have raised blood sugars and I  have been treating patient with intravenous insulin with excellent results.

⭕Once the patient is weaned off or on room air prior to be shifting them out of ICU Metformin and DPP4 INHIBITORS do really good.

⭕Have observed raised blood sugars in many non-diabetic admission, but all of them are on steroids.

⭕Complications observed during the patient stay.

  • Cardiac Involvement in terms of hypertension emergencies, arrthymias, suspected MI changes on ECG.
  • Sudden Hypotension difficult to explain. 
  • Patients undergoing desaturation again sudden onset but respond well to oxygen intervention and yes again to IV MPS.
  • ICU Psychosis.

⭕ I am not an intensivist but felt like sharing some of my experiences.

⭕Hope it may help people treating Covid.

Discover CME INDIA

Discover CME INDIA