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Dr Atul Kalhan, UK:

We are still in a learning phase of this novel illness; multiple research groups across the globe are working round the clock on various aspects ranging from vaccination to infectivity. We surely are more knowledgeable than when all this mayhem started back in March. In UK, this is how the situation is at present:

  • The number of new cases has reduced significantly with my hospital having no new hospitalised patient with COVID19 last week (leading to a round of clapathon!)
  • There have been outbreaks of COVID19 in Leicester which resulted in localised quarantine 
  • Worryingly, USA has seen a surge in the number of cases as in last week as you all must be aware.
  • Central obesity, increased vascular aging (independent of biological age) are predominant risk factors with DM and poor glycaemic control increasing case fatality 
  • The key is to keep things simple and rather than reacting to the data (e.g. mass use of chloroquine for prophylaxis) use an approach of least harm n keep the investigations to minimal (a full blood count, renal function and c reactive protein is sufficient in patients who aint hypoxic) + CxR
  • Low Vitamin D is another association although so far only 5 observational studies are available on covid 19 with low quality evidence linking this evidence. I am working on it currently.
  • Interestingly, a couple of recent studies suggest antibodies lasting only 8-12 weeks. 
  • Last though not the least, what the physicians utter to the general public is important and can induce a sense of panic n despair so let’s keep the rays of optimism shining in our public discourses and keep the faith.

Jai hind.

Dr Vinod Mittal, Delhi, Diabetologist: Hi Atul, Very useful inputs. How are you… Hope doing well

Dr Atul Kalhan, UK: All well on my side sir. Waiting for a 3 week break from work from July 24th; 1st wave surely over here n will see what the future has in store for us (one day at a time!)

Dr Rajiv Awasthi, Lucknow: Nice to hear, a personal but unbiased thoughts. What I believe is that none of the medicines work tried so far and recovery is spontaneous and at the mercy of virus’s virulence. We are only buying time and doing firefighting in ICUs to support patients survive that long. We are even unaware of immediate sequels and its impact on survival as patients of all ages, with or without co morbidities are dying despite becoming negative many times. I know the least about Covid19 in this august group and many experts here will opine about this issue.

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