CME INDIA Presentation by ⚜ Dr. M. Gowri Sankar, MD, Senior Assistant Professor, Dept. of General Medicine, Government Medical College and ESI Hospital, Coimbatore.

Today’s History Feature:

Dr. Jacob Blumberg

(Jun 27, 1873 – 1955)

💠German surgeon

His contributions…

🔸Blumberg pursued his medical studies at the University of Breslow and graduated in 1896.

🔸After his studies, he got trained in surgery from Dr. Jan Mikulicz, who described the Mikulicz syndrome and additionally from physician Dr. Albert Neisser, discoverer of Neisseria gonorrhoea.

🔸Later, he worked with the famous Dr. Paul Zweifel, who was the first, in 1876, to describe that foetus in utero is metabolically active by consuming oxygen.

🔸In his career, he investigated the methods for sterilization of surgeon’s hand. It resulted in the invention of Surgical Rubber Gloves.

🔸Also, he became very famous for his eponym…

🔅Blumberg’s sign or Rebound tenderness indicative of Peritonitis.

🔸In the later part of his life, he had shown interest in the new fields of Radium and Radiology. He further obtained radium from Curie Institute and founded an X-Ray and Radium Institute in Berlin.

A Day to Commemorate

An Eminent Surgeon

Dr. Jacob Blumberg 🙏

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