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Today’s History Feature:

Maharaja Shri Dr. Bhagvatsinghji

🇮🇳 The Pride of India 🇮🇳

(Oct 24, 1865 – March, 9 1944)

💠Maharaja of the Princely State of Gondal

His contributions…

🔹Bhagvatsinghji was the son of Sagramsinghji, a ruler of the small princely state Gondal located in Gujarat’s Rajkot district.

🔹After sudden demise of his father, four year old Bhagvatsinghji succeeded as the ruler of Gondal in 1869.

🔹Since his childhood, he showed great enthusiasm in academics. After completing his studies at Rajkumar College at Rajkot, he visited European countries.

🔹He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and graduated in 1895. Thereby, he became the first and the only Indian ruler to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

🔹Moreover, Maharaj Dr. Bhagvatsinghji is best remembered as one of the most progressive monarchs in Indian history.

🔹During his rule, he made many administrative reforms by constructing hospitals, boarding schools, colleges, training centers for labourers and asylum for the blind and crippled.

🔹He specially focused on free and compulsory education of children and established Girls’ High School for educating girl children even in the villages. He abolished the purdah system for women, which was an initial step towards women’s liberation.

🔹Further, he brought in administration reforms by abolishing all taxes, customs and export duties.

🔹He developed model public works department by constructing modern animal husbandry, new dams and irrigation networks, bridges, rail systems, underground drainage system, underground electricity and connected all villages of the state to Gondal with telephone lines.

🔹He also planted lots of trees on both the sides of roads of Gondal state, so that passengers could rest under the shadow of trees and complete their journey comfortably.

🔹He was a prolific writer who published the first Gujarati encyclopaedia Bhagwadgomandal, meaning Bhagvatsinhji’s Gomandal (Dictionary/ Encyclopaedia). It took 27 years to compile the dictionary, which was initiated by him in 1928 and his nine volumes had 9870 pages.

🔹His encyclopaedia is celebrated as The Oxford Dictionary of Gujrat, as it is an authentic representation of Gujarathi language and is a rich resource of science, arts, religion, business etc.

🔹Maharaja Bhagvatsinhji reigned for 75 long years, including 56 years of active rule. During his rule, he made several improvements in public administration, social welfare as well as contributed to Gujarati literature.

🔹The spirit of Bhagvatsinhji is observed even today in the Gondal city. The People’s King is remembered and cherished as Bapu of Gondal.

A Day to Commemorate…

The Royal Physician & A Social Reformer

Maharaja Shri Dr. Bhagvatsinghji🙏🏼

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